Here’s an inspiring video I found about composting, although in Spanish it gets the general idea across!

There is a lot of information across the internet about composting to suit people of all circumstances – budget and space specifically.

The GardenOrganic has an easy to follow step by step to setting up your compost bin. As well as FrugalandThriving’s blogpost on making an inexpensive small space compost bin. Check them out to get started.

Another interesting resource is this list of “75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn’t“. Includes stale pretzels, wine corks and pencil shavings (among others)

And then there’s the all important “30 Things You Should Never Compost Or Recycle“, which includes bread and meat products (they can attract unwanted pests in your garden! It’s important to note that this list argues with a few of the ones mentioned in the “75 Things You Can Compost…” list, like Pizza Boxes.

Make sure you do your research and decide what does and doesn’t work for your compost.

Got any composting tips? Leave a comment.


One response to “Composting

  1. Hi, these composting tips are great! Just wanted to know if you’re promoting any sustainable water practises to follow when gardening? Large amounts of water is often wasted whilst people are gardening and hosing, without them even realising it!

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