Geoff & Karmyn’s Garden

A new apartment for the young married couple calls for a new balcony garden. Geoff, Senior Advertising Executive, and Karmyn, Model turned Stylist, use cooking to unwind at night. Their new herb garden will play host to many of their dinner ingredients, as healthy eating is a high priority for both of them.

Geoff takes the role as chief gardener, having gained valuable gardening knowledge during his childhood. His house in Upton, England boasted a large veggie garden, chickens, a greenhouse and even wheat which he would grind up into flour to make mini batches of cookies (too cute!).

Karmyn on the other hand didn’t grow up with a veggie patch as the goats next door would eat anything in the garden. However, some of her favourite memories are of her yearly trips to Finland where she would sit in the apple tree, snacking on the surrounding fruit, before harvesting rhubarb and visiting the bee hives!

Both passionate chefs, the two of them enjoy eating healthily and love knowing that the food they’ve grown doesn’t contain any hidden ingredients.


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