Sean’s Garden

Architecture student, Sean, loves spending time in the garden. After finishing school he worked on a farm, studied landscape architecture and even took a future cities course in NY at ONELab, an urban non-profit group which focuses on new technologies and design for urban areas.

“The overreaching aim is to develop a language of technological design that can create proximity between individual responsibility and the current global environmental crisis. We perceive environmental problems as an issue of human alienation from the natural world, and our initiative will explore ways in which design can reformat this separation.  Innovation, for us, is the answer to sustainable cities and eco-systems.” – ONELab

It was at ONELab where he learnt about his dream garden, the aquaponic garden system which he hopes to have one day.

The Garden of Eve (Sean’s Mum) is full of leafy greens, fruit trees and various herbs and flowers. Eve uses her leafy greens most regularly, in salads and sandwiches alike.

Sean has just planted a bunch of seeds and is looking after the seedlings, including watermelon, capsicum and cucumbers. The big compost bin is used all through the garden and gives them surprise plants from random seeds. In the past, they’ve had an accidental avocado tree, and right now there are pumpkin seedlings all over the garden. They aren’t going to weed them out, its exciting for them to watch them grow.

Birdy is the watchdog, protecting the garden from the rest of the animal world.

View from the roof, the garden of eve.

Just above Sean’s bedroom, he’s placed his palette garden. The entire garden made from things on the street. The pieces of wood around the sides to make walls protect the plant from the wind coming over the roof. Sean is planning to plant a passionfruit vine over the roof too, to help keep his room cooler in the hot summer months.


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