Orange Grove Markets

Open Every Saturday, 8am-1pm. Corner Perry St and Balmain Rd, Lilyfield

Lovely Lizzie picked up some scores at the markets,including some very gourmet dips and oh so sweet baklava.

One stall owner is all about mushrooms, pick some up and make a yummy vegan mushroom risotto! (here’s a recipe from vegangela)

Tomato seedlings are everywhere right now, grab some at the markets and start planning your tomato day (an italian tradition, gathering family and making tomato sauce from scratch).

One of my personal faves, grab a lilly pilly tree. Be careful when deciding where to plant it as the fruit can be very slippery if falling on a path.

Pass the (organic) honey, honey.

Food stores of all kinds are in abundance, and you can’t say no to a $7.50 gozleme. They also sell yummy organic honey and banana gozleme.

Armeria should survive in harsh conditions, this may mean the pretty flower might survive my dad’s clifftop garden, we’ll see.


2 responses to “Orange Grove Markets

  1. I love markets, and am realising more and more of them are popping up around Sydney suburbs. As part of my campaign research I have blogged about the EQ Village Markets, Bondi Farmers Markets and Eveleigh Markets at Carriageworks. I love wandering around, trying samples and finding new bits and pieces that are fresh and also helping small local businesses. I will be sure to try these ones, from the looks of things this produce is direct from the garden and there is nothing better than that!

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