Possum proofing

Herbs protected by an old birdcage

The major problem I have with creating an urban garden is the fact that every past attempt has been eaten by possums within 24 hours. This time, however, I will be possum proofing from the beginning.

1. Netting

Providing physical protection around your plants during harvest time. Also protects from birds. Use a frame rather than just throwing on tree for longer life and less damage for the plant. Pull netting off each morning to allow polinization and watering.

2. Possum repelling sprays

D-ter, Poss Off, Ruddocks Detergent or Scat – reapply after rain. Natural sprays are also an option, with cayenne pepper being a natural repulsant for possums.

3. Spotlight and sensor lights

Position a spotlight into the canopy of trees, and leave on all night (alternatively a sensor may work too). Alternatively have sensor lights placed at vegie patch which turn on as possum approaches.

4. Fence, gutter, tree protection

Create physical barriers to stop possums entering the property, using spikes around tree trunks etc.

5. Radio in tree

Possums hate the noise, but so may your neighbours

6. Feed possums

Feed possums fruit somewhere else to lure them form your vegie garden.

7. Sonar solution

The Possum Repeller‘ or ‘Strayban‘ are devices using ultrasonic sound waves to deter possums, which don’t harm household pets.

8. Vaseline and Vicks Vaporub

Spread a 50/50 mix on trunks and tree stems.

More Possum proofing tips:

1. Garden Clinic

2. Better Homes and Gardens

Please send me your advice!


3 responses to “Possum proofing

  1. So valid! What a great tip!!!
    The other problem I have is insects that eat my herbs and veggies, I don’t want to spray because it can be so harmful to eat it! Any other suggestions?

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